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A complete chicken paw processing system from Prime includes the ILPS-1 In-Line Paw Scrubber, designed to remove burn marks and cuticle from chicken feet while the paw is still in the shackle and attached to the bird.Published on Oct 19, 2017


The ILPS-1 In-Line Paw Scrubber is a cost-effective and sanitary solution to remove ammonia burn marks and cuticle from paws while the paw is on-line in the shackle. The machine allows for increased export revenue for paws, increasing saleable paw yield and increasing grade value.

ILPS-1 Inline Paw Scrubber Product Sheet

ILBD-1 Produto Pagina (Brasil)

ILPS-1 Pagina de Producto (Espanol)


ILPS And Complete Paw System with Cutter From Prim


ILPS 1 In Line Paw Scrubber 2016

Benefits & Advantages

  • Upgrades More B-Grade paws to A-Grade and removes cutilcefrom paws in shackle
  • Interchangeable scrubber segments for various bird sizes
  • Part of a complete solution for paw-processing
  • Reduces hot water requirement and dwell time for paw scalder machines down-line

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